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The cooperation between our companies mainly next to the reliable, consistent quality play a dominant role in the price. This can tell us the Cadmas Ltd. Provide better than others.

RCD Kft.
Joseph Milinte


Which developed in the Northern Plains region trade relations provide an excellent brand representation duties of the Tesa Tape Ltd.. Flexible attitude, expertise enhances the user Tapes get the right product for them.

Tesa Tape Kft.
Zoltan Kiss


And the closeness of stable quality they provide, as well as our cooperation has developed over the result of a personal relationship with our companies together, we know that we can count on the Cadmas Kft.-re. It is a good bear fruit in daily life.

Sztancs Kft.
Tibor Török


The permanent, high quality, fast delivery is very important for our customers, we always provide multi-year retrospective knew us, so we buy Ltd. since the Cadmas.

Press M Supply Kft.
St. Peter Laszlo

Terms of purchase

Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions Terms and conditions

Ltd. Cadmas.

The following services are provided to customers:

Plastic packaging materials, adhesives, adhesive tapes, rubber rings, distribution and sale of equipment and accessories for pallet.

- Manage Registrations
- Orders are processed
- Organisation of transport
- Information services
- Manage customer comments
Complaints Handling -
- Sales management, notification to registered users
- Email Newsletter browse the pages without any limitations, purchase process of review, comment and he may make.

* The site is displayed on the unit price of products, the gross retail price and minimum order requirement and gross price.

Ü Shop zemeltetői data:

Company: Cadbau-2,001th . Ltd. Established in 4032, Cricket u. 19. Company registration number: 09-09-008263 Name of court:
Hajdu-Bihar County Court as Court
Tax number: 12714717-2-09, HU12714717 Phone: 06 / 30-677-8777 E-mail: cadbau2001 @


Dealer and számlakibocsájtói data:
Company:. Cadmas Trading Co., Ltd. Location: 4030, Bihari u. 7. Company registration number: 09-09-004136 Name of the court:
Hajdu-Bihar County Court as Court
Tax number: 12115060-2-09 number HU12115060 Payment: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt .: 12052705-01049097-00100001 Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 16:00 am Phone: 06 / 30-624-88-33 E-mail: info @ Skype:

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The registered users can webstore. The registration and related data is voluntary. The registration is done by writing Completing and submitting an online form, and requires that the user accepts the present rules of business, and its provisions mandatory recognize itself.

Only ask for any information the Cadmas Ltd. During the registration process, which orders the fulfillment of your purchase indispensable, whose truthfulness, any erroneous Ltd. assumes no responsibility for Cadmas..

The customer service of the successful registration confirmed by e-mail. Thus, all registered users and eligible for services, which are specified during registration.

As a registered user of members agree that the absence of express objections to the customer service of any notice of newsletters, promotions and submit it electronically. Registered users can indicate customer support requests sent by email, if you do not wish to use these services.

As a registered user you can buy your own behalf, and act in the case of an authorized economic organization, or a person authorized to act on. In this context, the Cadmas Ltd. Any control, does not carry out research nor does it accept any responsibility.

Register rejection

The Cadmas LTD. Is entitled to refuse any registration requirement, however, if the user gives false or incomplete information in the registration form or the data and infer from the circumstances that registration is not intended to intended use of the website. Eligible Cadmas Ltd. Also cancel the registration if the site use (browsing, shopping or if) the user buyer of abuse, illegal acts or behavior is detected.

Because for those buyers who do not provide the goods and thus come back to our site, receipt of merchandise ordered due on delivery costs for cash on delivery payment option is disabled.

About Products

The sell only new products. All the goods more specific description of the main page you can find in the store tab. Description absence of both email and phone (during office hours) to inquire.

Any inaccuracy or incompleteness of description megjelentetéséért description We are not responsible, but we try to constantly improve, to expand the descriptions. Before ordering the purchase of the customer products can and must use the goods in question and demand mapping and complete information about it. The Cadmas Ltd. Based on the experience of suppliers and help in decision-making.

The pictures displayed products on offer are typically depict the actual product, but it can occur for illustration only upload images. The images are considered illustration. The colors shown in the pictures may differ from reality.

This page is generated when we are not responsible for any errors. Subject to change without notice.


- The main page of the web or be given a user name and password for access to part of the tab, and then click Go to enter.
- Category within con clicking on the image you want to order products entering the product group.
- Select your preferred merchandise and entering the amount and pressing buttons will be added into the basket order.
- It is possible to continue shopping or to the Cashier button is selected, the completion of the purchase.
- If you choose to fund your order list is shown.
- This page appears, scroll down to the delivery address where you can go right, if not a good Title Edit or add buttons to change that.
- The delivery of Magyar Posta Zrt. "Simplified cash on delivery service package of curative" is transmitted.
- Continue button to find the gross value of the goods, the price includes the price of the product Value Added Tax required by law, the cost of postage. Special packaging fee will not be charged. As well as the delivery address can be found here again.
- If you record your comments here.
- Button completes the order arrives at the Cadmas webshop.
- You'll soon be within 1 working days of receipt of the order will be given to you by e-mail an order confirmation. If required, our employees by e-mail or contact you by phone.

Purchase Order Processing

Orders are processed on working days between 8 -16 hours. It is possible to deliver orders outside the dates indicated in the order is processed as if after the expiry of the time work is done on the following day are processed. General completion date, 2 business days from the date of the acknowledgment.

We reserve the right to refuse orders already confirmed, in part or in full. Partial execution should take place only after consultation with the customer!

Payment methods

More payment method, we also provide opportunities. In case of pre-referral in each case waiting díjbekérőnket.

Cash on delivery operation:
The product you have ordered, the products Magyar Posta Zrt. employed by courier shall be paid in cash. The amount of electronic information letter prior to the order confirmation. Only in the case to order the desired products if the package is to be able to pay on receipt of the courier fee.

In any case, the bill Cadmas Ltd. Is issued, which also includes shipping costs. The bill placed in the package, in case several packages in that box, highlight the location. If you do not correct this, the bill calls for a different package mailing address, please make before finalizing please indicate in the comment box mail address.

Delivery information

The courier delivery is attempted twice. The packages are delivered on working days 8-17 hour period is done. If you are not at home during this period, it is appropriate shipping address (if available) work address entered. But if the purchase order number provided, you can coordinate the delivery date of the second shipment. If no phone number given notice to leave only the courier delivered an unsuccessful claim.

Please please examine the package upon delivery before the courier and request the inclusion of the Protocol may be the case of products észlelelt damage and do not take the package. Subsequent, without complaint Protocol are not accepted!

Delivery pricing

Within the administrative area of ​​Debrecen: For orders over 10,000 HUF + VAT, depending on the shipping is free and available capacity, canal tour is done, but 1 time per week. In case of this value not exceeding the amount of the purchase Cadmas Ltd. 4030, Bihari u. 7. Acceptance underground headquarters.

In addition to the administrative area of ​​Debrecen performed throughout Hungary by Magyar Posta Zrt., Or other courier service package delivery. We are trying as efficiently as possible, a minimum of package number to send the goods to reduce costs.

Weight per shipment Borders / address location Net Gross


10 kg of HUF 1,000 to HUF 1,270
20 kg to 1,600 EUR 2,032 EUR
30 kg 2200 2794 £ £
40 kg 2800 3556 £ £
60 kg 3600 4572 £ £
80 kg 5000 6350 £ £
Above 80 kg in consultation
Other Services Gross Net fee on delivery / shipment
£ 300 £ 381
Premium voluminous package / parcel
(If any extension of the package exceeds 750 mm)

HUF 1,000 to HUF 1,270

In the value of HUF 50,000 fee to include the basic rate, above all started after a net HUF 10,000 to HUF 50 gross £ 64 plus the cost.

The cost of transport as separate items (transport and packaging costs as) will appear on the account, the rate listed in the table above.

Modified working days after the order is possible up to 10 hours.


If sold by Cadmas Ltd. Disposable products can not be used as intended, then for the return of HUF 5,000 complaints limit as far as possible by return mail exchange, value is above and after consultation with the manufacturer for replacement within 30 days provided the opportunity. In any warranty claim, please contact our customer service.

The purchase of right of withdrawal

17/1999. (II. 5.) Government decree entered into in respect of distance contracts
§ 1 (1) the scope of the Regulation to extend the contract concluded between the consumer and enterprise within the framework of distance selling arrangements for each product or service to sell, operated by the company in a manner that in order to conclude the contract with the telecommunications equipment business use only.
§ 4 (1) The consumer can withdraw from the contract without giving reasons within 8 working days, but not more than 3 months from the date of receipt of the expiration of the product.
In the case of (4) written withdrawal deadline it would be considered validated if a consumer statement be sent before the deadline.
(5) The company must amount paid by the customer without delay and refund within 30 days after the withdrawal.
(6) The consumer shall exercise the right of withdrawal due to costs incurred in connection with the return of the product. The consumer should not bear other costs in addition. However, the company may demand compensation for damages resulting from improper use of the product.
C) § 5 selling a product that is personalized with the consumer, and which is prepared based on the consumer's request or explicit instructions not to exercise the right of withdrawal.

Exercising the right of withdrawal process

If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal may do an indication of customer contacts on one in writing or by phone. By post to mark the occasion are considered in writing the date of posting. In the case of recorded delivery mail alert necessarily give up signal.

The product ordered by mail, courier or by using the return address of our company. It is important that the product costs incurred shall be borne by the Buyer return of the port (COD) packages sent to our company is not in a position to take over! Request standing contract with our company courier parcel notify intention of giving up its fee for the package to be paid to the courier.

Especially make sure the proper use of the product, as compensation for damages resulting from improper use by the buyer!

After coming back from the product Cadmas Ltd., Within 30 days as specified by the customer bank account refund the product purchase price.

Data protection

The protection of priority Cadmas Ltd. For personal information made available.
The Cadmas Ltd. Is committed to handling the personal data of users and customers in a way that contributes to compliance with the current legislation on safe Internet shopping and the possibility of creation. Apart from the necessary orders to subcontractors in data reporting, the Cadmas Ltd. Manages the data is not passed to third parties. The personal information provided by the subcontractors Cadmas Kft. Is not allowed to use in any way and for third parties to pass.
The data will be kept, until the user requests it in writing from the customer database deletion.

Some of the priority rule

1992. LXIII. the protection of the law and the public interest in disclosure of data of personal data

1998. VI. Law for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, Strasbourg, on 28 January 1981 Convention included the promulgation of,

2001 CVIII. Law on Electronic Commerce, as well as certain aspects of information society services.

The data is protected all the way Cadmas Ltd., Especially against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, deletion, all network communication (ie, online data) against annihilation in both data storage and protection of (that offline data management) in.

The only access to the personal data of persons holding responsible jobs.

You understand the information that the consent of the data subject at any time to change or withdraw personal information may also request the correction or deletion of information request to the Privacy Notice.


The purchase of via the Internet, the customer assumes the possibilities and limits of knowledge and acceptance. The user or customer acknowledges that any risks related to browsing and shopping for yourself to assess, or you need to ensure safe use of the computer and the protection of the data stored.

The Cadmas LTD. Is not liable for damages resulting from force majeure, or occur because of other events beyond its control, including but not limited to,

- The use of the website or malfunction of,
- Change of data by any person,
- Due to delayed transfer of information,
- Virus attacks, software errors, internet network fault, line losses, arising due to system failures or other technical errors.

Eligible Cadmas Ltd. The conditions of purchase and rules of this policy at any time without giving any reason and prior notice, unilaterally modify. The amendments from the date of publication in force and applicable.


The Cadmas LTD.'s Website protected under copyright laws. The website content is displayed as a whole or parts shall be used only in any form, print, reproduce, distribute, store and transfer a basis prior written permission of Cadmas Ltd. Other than their own personal usage purpose and extent.

The domain name is owned by 2,001th Ltd., And domain name are protected by copyright.


The present Business Rules - so conditions for supply and demand - and prices stated on the website solely and exclusively for use on the web store purchases (orders over the Internet) apply.