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About Us

About Us

About Us

When packing, you Cadmas. Fortunately, more and more is raised in this sentence. Perhaps not coincidentally, since we are already our clients and partners nearly 20 years at the disposal of the packaging trade. Our company is the Cadmas Ltd. Was founded in 1996, and after a greater or lesser transformations reached today, maybe we can rightly successful form.

peto_valeria.jpg The backbone of our activities in the plastic packaging materials, adhesives, adhesive tapes, rubber bands, pallet distribution and sale of packaging materials and provide additional tools, but gradually expanding sales of hygiene products.

Why do we trade with these?

Despite the fact that this area, packaging, preparation for transport, "a downtrodden stepchild," who is at the end of the line in the production line, it is a major part of the sales process. Why so? Since, then get to the manufactured product to the users. If the packaging is perfect, the product is not damaged, do not fall with in transit, do not dust, does not open split, does not deform. This is essential, because defective or broken product nobody wants to buy. Recognising this, we came to the decision that the packaging is just as important as the previous processes. So we work to assist our partners in their work and do not have to worry about packing.

Whom to sell, with whom we trade?

Producing and trading companies, we are primarily related to companies, but it is not uncommon for it to form a business relationship with public institutions. We are proud that so far during our operations so we can serve customers like Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Hoya Lens Hungary Zrt., Or the Metro Trading Company.


In 2008, we got big decision. We decided to build a new "land" can explore, so we created our webshop. With faster, more efficiently and last but not least easier we can achieve our partners. So far, more than 2,000 of our customers we hope to be happy to use our webshop and orders are just as happy to be conducted in 2015, renewed in our system through, as if it just talk to us by phone. Of course, we try our online store to serve the unique demands and specific prices, discounts tailored to use orders.




CADMAS other partners interested in the name of the report:

The CADMAS Ltd. Apósomtól named after the company founder, Professor Dr. Joseph Toth, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Doctor Station. One of the company name as an important scientific creations and is based on, and the computer system with the guidance of device software using the short version of the English name (Computer-Based Agricultural Decision Making and Analysing System) (CADMAS) (Translated simplifying Agricultural Enterprises Automated Planning System). The Founder short biography, list of scientific works and works of website or viewed, and the majority of the books of the given website by clicking on the links, the National Széchenyi Library Hungarian Electronic Library of total Internet the extent to read. Also read there CADMAS system which is the basis for the 1976 Academy wrote a doctoral thesis ( ) and in 1981 published book, Automated Design of Agricultural Enterprises ( http: //mek.oszk com / 05200/05296 ).


Book Cover Book backing


If name abbreviation in English, why "Kadmasz" per say? -

Easy to such use at the time (since 1996!) To our partners and we have already got used to. So no "neologism" but habit. Now that more and more people know the language, so this can get feedback, but we understand "kadmas", "kadmasz", "kedmesz" compellation well. Phone the usual "kadmasz" per you login. :)

Go, your business can grow along with us, to look into our product and become our partner!

Wishing a nice day,

Valeria Peto

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